Amazing, Well Worth It

I had a photofacial with a photosensitizing...

i had a photofacial with a photosensitizing chemical to amplify the effect. it hurt more than i expected, just like a rubber band snapping hard on my face, which was mostly uncomfortable under my eyes. spent 24 hours in the dark as per instructions, and had swelling for about a week. the first two or three days i was very swollen, though i never turned red. sun damage and an actinic keratosis, that i had had for a long time, darkened and completely peeled off like dirt. i'm an entertainer and how i look on camera is very important... the difference was dramatic and well worth it. my skin looked fresher and more even, and clear clear clear. it's been a year and a half and i haven't seen any of the sunspots or damage resurface or come back, and i'm complimented often on my skin. will definitely do it again if needed.
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