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I had a photofacial with a photosensitizing...

i had a photofacial with a photosensitizing chemical to amplify the effect. it hurt more than i expected, just like a rubber band snapping hard on my face, which was mostly uncomfortable under my eyes. spent 24 hours in the dark as per instructions, and had swelling for about a week. the first two or three days i was very swollen, though i never turned red. sun damage and an actinic keratosis, that i had had for a long time, darkened and completely peeled off like dirt. i'm an entertainer and how i look on camera is very important... the difference was dramatic and well worth it. my skin looked fresher and more even, and clear clear clear. it's been a year and a half and i haven't seen any of the sunspots or damage resurface or come back, and i'm complimented often on my skin. will definitely do it again if needed.


I had 1 Photo done on 12/01/08; immediately I saw my brown spots darken after my session. Next day they started to peel and the 2nd day I was told to exfoliate; which I did and spots were flaking off. I can't wait until my next session. As I was told I only needed 3 sessions to see complete results. We'll have to see but so far so good.
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I had a series of photofacials in late 2003 years ago. After the first session, my face was swollen for several days like the original poster. Apparently this can happen to about 0.01% of people. After it settled down I had 2 more follow up sessions that were on a lower setting. The overall result was my facial frekles were removed. All my broen capillaries were removed. The brown marks on my cheeks from taking the pill were removed. And of course as a side effect collgen production was stimulated. After 5 years, I now plan to go back and another another round of treatment to get rid of a few new freckles and veins around my nose. All I can say is that this treatment has to be one of the best cosmetic treatments around. It truly works.
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San Antonio Texas I had a photofacial done 5 days ago. When I had it done it hurt a little and felt like a rubber band snap on my face, but it was tolerable. I went home and my face looked a little flushed, but I did not notice anything different at first. The next day I woke up and I had black dots on my face and it was a bit red. This is day 5 and some of the dark dots have completely gone away. My pores have gone down in size and it is very noticable. My face tone is very even and looks brighter. I am very satisfied and everyday it seems to improve.
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