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A Year Later, Love It! - Amarillo, TX

They tell you it will feel like getting soap in...

They tell you it will feel like getting soap in your eye, which it does, but they don't tell you that it feels like getting soap in your eye and can't wash it out. The whole procedure lasted less than 20 minutes. I'd suggest asking for extra numbing drops throughout for more comfort because they use a spring to keep your eyes open and when the drops wear off you can really notice the pressure from the spring.
I want lasik...but have been scared of the risks. How quickly were you able to get back to normal? Do you have allergies? I sleep in my contacts so I know it would be better for my eyes...just worried about the risks.
I had my surgery on a Thursday and was back in school on Monday. You only wear the plastic cover at night so there's nothing different that you do during the day except get ready a little faster since you can skip a step of putting your contacts in :) yes I slept in my contacts even though mine weren't designed for tjay, which is one of the reasons my doctor recommended this. The procedure was just a burning sensation but for me they kept pouring cool water on my eyes to "cool them off" but I did have a headache that day until I took my prescribed pain pills. I could see the next day and was back to normal!
I had lasik done yesterday I had non stop tearing and burning for about three to four hrs I also had a migraine but after taking over the counter motrin felt better. During surgery I didn't feel anything and it took 7 mins from start to finish. They gave me designer sun glasses and another set of eye glasses that are all black for the sun and a third pair of goggles (flat) for night to sleep in they're very comfortable. Today I feel great can see a little better than yesterday
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