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I am a 54 yr old woman and I had spot dermabrasion...

I am a 54 yr old woman and I had spot dermabrasion to remove a few scars on my face. Now the scars are defintely larger and deeper. Fillers are expensive and painful, and non eneding. So what else can a person do? It has only been 41/2 wks since my dermabrasion but I am hoping I didn't mess up! What are the alternatives? Or am I expecting too much too soon?

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Well not right now. Maybe later on down the road.

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There is a permanent filler available now but you have to get tested first to make sure there is no allergic reaction.
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Hi Neacy -- I'm sorry to hear about your disappointing results. Where did you go for your dermabrasion? Did they give you any indication whether these results are typical?

You may want to post a question on our Doctor Q&A forum and get advice from doctors. They can tell you more about what to expect from dermabrasion healing. Photos are also really helpful, if you have them.

I hope things get better for you soon. Good luck!

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