Aluma and No Difference

I have had 5 sessions of Aluma and really...

I have had 5 sessions of Aluma and really don't see a difference. It sounded great as I really want to stay away from fillers but haven't seen anything yet.

I started in February and think I have given it enough time. I just don't want to admit I have wasted money.

I think you need to have a physician who can numb your skin around your mouth and eyes, as well as face, neck, chest or arms, before the treatment. You can get wonderful results if the patient is numbed and therefore able to tolerate the increases in dermal temperature during treatment significantly, but some patients don't understand this and expect it to be really comfortable. Certainly spas would keep the energy and time settings low to avoid complaints of discomfort, and in my opinion should not be administering these treatments.
No kidding! I had 5 sessions of Aluma around my eyes 6 months ago and no change. What a rip off. They kept saying you will see results in a few months.......not.
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I like my doctor but I have seen no improvement

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