Get This off of Me! Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal on Knee Tattoo - MIAMI, FL

I drove 3 hours to Pristine Laser Center in...

I drove 3 hours to Pristine Laser Center in Orlando from West Palm Beach to start the removal on my knee tattoo. Although it is a good tattoo done by an amazing artist it just bothered me since the day after I got it and though I tried to like it I couldn't. I started researching removal and thats how I found real self and picosure.

The tattoo is a purple rose on my knee. This artist is amazing and I wasn't sure what I wanted (as usual) I just knew I wanted one of her drawings. She suggested some really cool ladies and other drawings (that I should have gone with) and then I suggested a rose on my knee and she said cool let's go for it. I initially wanted a rose she had drawn and painted and was hanging in the art gallery of her shop (it's a really cool shop with great artists). When I came in 2 days later (YES I HAD TIME TO THINK IT OVER AND DIDN'T GRRR) she had drawn up a slightly bigger rose for me. She wanted it to be unique and not the one that was in the gallery. The problem was that after having the tattoo it is too big for me. Also the purple doesn't go well with my skin and with my Cartman tattoo (which I LOVE).

So much irony and hindsight in the situation, like me not wanting to drive to Miami (1 hour south) to go back the tattoo artist who did my Cartman tattoo and now I am driving to Orlando (3hours) to remove this tattoo.

Ugh it can get depressing at times but other times I feel optimistic. I initially wanted to cover my left leg in cartoons, things from the 90's/my childhood. And small geeky things I like (I LOVE animation) in a traditional style and then I got this huge tattoo on my knee that was totally not that or me. I am maybe hoping that I can fade it enough to get a couple tattoos over it. But I am also afraid that I will regret that too.

I have two other tattoos that I dislike from when I was 18 and 19. My first tattoo is 4 stars (outlines) on the back of my neck - very small and one on my stomach small/med. sized lettering that I want removed (but those don't bother me as much) and since I cannot afford to remove them all at once I am going for the once I hate the most.


So glad you shared your story with us! Look forward to following your progress :) 

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Before Pictures! and After 1st treatment!

Pictures before any treatments: the first 5 pictures are from the 1st week after getting the tattoo. I tried so hard to like it but to no avail. Pictures 6-8 are of the tattoo day of removal. The rest are from right after the 1st treatment.

**The tattoo looks faded/frosted because this is how it looks after the treatment. It does not look like this anymore. I will post an updated picture tomorrow. I'm on day 4 post treatment and the purple is lighter, very small parts gone, Outer shading in the leaves have gone but the outline hasn't budged. Should continue to fade. Fingers crossed because sometimes I get so down about it. Such a draining process for me.


Yeah Eva G, have u had any fading or complete removal?
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Hi premodaja, I have had good fading in the black and actually the green - here is my review Blackberry11

Thanks so much for adding the photos! Sorry this is taking it toll on you, it is a very long process. I am also removing a tattoo with 2 large purple flowers, I felt the same way, the purple didn't go well at all with my skin tone. Keep us posted!

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Feeling down :(

I'm 5 days post 1st treatment and although my blisters have gone away and I am able to walk and bend my knee again I can't stop thinking about the tattoo. I absolutely hate it and all my thoughts revolve around it. I feel like it hasn't faded as much as I anticipated. I paid $747 for ONE treatment for it to look this way. I am super upset and wish that I could see it as a process but that is a substantial part of the money I wanted to save next year, I don't know what to do. Did anyone see more fading in the weeks to come? I am distraught by this and its on my knee! I don't know why I even got the tattoo at all! I feel lost and hopeless. I don't know if I am being charged too much? I understand that the laser is expensive but $747 for 5 minutes of treatment seems exuberant (thats almost my mortgage which is $800). I also keep thinking of ways to cover it up (once a bit more faded) and even that has me going insane. Someone please give me hope!


Hi, I am also getting a new tattoo removed with Picosure. I haven't started my treatment yet but my consultation is on Friday. I'm really debating if it is even worth it or not. My tattoo is bearable but I know it's something I don't want in the long run. I have heard different things about new tattoo removal. Some people say the fresher the ink the easier to remove and if that is the case, I want to begin my treatment ASAP. If not, I want to wait until at least after summer. Anyway, How much have you faded since? You say you're disapointed but it looks like it really did fade significantly after one treatment! I also hear that people continue to fade after a few months of their treatment so hang in there! I will post my progress too.
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I really need to post a picture of it now! Although it may look faded in the pictures right after the treatment it is not like that. That frost goes away after a couple days. I WISH it was that faded. I will say that the purple is much more bearable now that it is lighter but I didn't see significant fading. I would rather give you more feedback after my 2nd treatment on April 7th - because I believe since it was the 1st treatment and I am tanned skinned he didn't do a high setting. I am going to a new place for my 2nd treatment and will ask them to turn up the setting. Maybe I am just wanting too much for one session. I paid $750 for 1 session and my tattoo is 4" x 6" (that is killing me). Stupid mistake! I hope that the new office I am going to (which is a plastic surgeon) can yield better results and give me a fair price. I will keep you updated and post a pic soon so you can see the true results. I need a side by side.
I have been very down about the whole thing so I haven't updated. I guess that the purple has lightened and so have the leaves but not what I expected. I am going to go for another treatment in the next couple of weeks (hopefully really soon because this is driving me insane). I shouldn't judge the 1st treatment so much because I know it's a process. But the prices are far too high IMO. Will update after the next session.
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3 months post 1st treatment - 2nd Treatment coming up on April 7th!

I know I should have posted an updated pic earlier but I have been super down about this! I know this will help a lot of people and since I am having a positive day, why not! There seems to be some confusion regarding RIGHT AFTER TREATMENT pics. The tattoo looks SUPER faded in those pics because it is frosted from the laser. I was happy myself when I saw it like that but a couple days later you can see the REAL thing and it is not like that at all. My 1st (and only) treatment thus far was on November 23, 2013 and I am hoping to go in for my 2nd on April 7th, 2014. So here is what it looks like now.. the purple is faded and the black/green in the leaves as well but the outline hasn't budged. Hoping that I will yield better results from Dr. Simon in Miami (1 hour away) opposed to the 3 hour drive I made to Orlando and a better price please! This is killing me financially :( ALSO CANNOT GET IT TO ROTATE SORRY - Looking at the pics now I do see it has faded and I am impatient but also the lighting is different on the before (outside/sunny) and after (inside/office lighting). Let me know what you guys think. This post actually got me excited for #2

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Sorry WOW it's actually been 4 months!

I just updated -FINALLY- and then I realized that it has been 4 months post 1st treatment not 3 months. WHOA where did the time go? I should have had my 2nd treatment already! erh! Anyways I will be going (hopefully!) on April 7th to a new place, closer to my home, and at a plastic surgeons office. Also I did get the pic to rotate so disregard that! Here is a side by side after 1 treatment.


Wow, it really made a huge impact on that purple! That's impressive. I know you're not in a good place about this at the moment, but you should be pretty happy with that for the first treatment. Did you notice continual fading over the 4 months?
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Sorry for the post spam - I'm on a roll today and should be working ;)

Here is a side-by-side because I know it helps to look at it this way! Hope you all are doing swell even with all the emotions that come with this stupidity!

Side Note: I would not mind the pain and discomfort as long as the price was a bit lower (still waiting on my quote from the new place). I am planning on moving to Europe this year and will have to postpone further than I thought because I dont want this on me there.


I can't believe how well the Picosure works on purple...I wish we had one where I live! Thanks for the update :)
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I would say not really. But I was being bad by smoking and not working out. I have quit the 1st and started the 2nd so I am hoping that this time around I will show better results. Wish me luck. I hate this tattoo ugh!
I actually went to Pristine for a consult and they were going to charge me $875 per tx's and I'm getting it for $500 at N. County Derm Clinic in Lakeland. I was very please with my first treatment and they are quite aggressive with settings so I know I'm no wasting my $. It might be a hike for you, but i def recommend them:)'ve had fantastic results so far!

Booked my 2nd Picosure Treatment for April 7th, 2014

I will be going to Dr. Simon in Miami and he has quoted me a WAY better price than Pristine Laser Center (sorry) and it is 1 hour away opposed to 3 hours away! phew! I hope to show better results in the coming months. He is offering me 5 treatments for $2250 which is $450 each (half the price of my 1st treatment). This alone had brought my stress level down. I hope he won't change the price when I show up as I got the price via pics and phone conversations. He is also saying that 5 treatments "should" be enough. I am hoping so because I wouldn't mind that at all! Please get this off of me. More to come. Promise. I have also been contemplating getting the other two tattoos I don't like removed. Hmm I hope I can manage to have clean skin before I move to Holland!


Oh wow I cant believe all that fading is off 1 treatment! I'm leaving mine a lot longer before I go in for my next one, your purple is gone! The black is a little harder, i've not seen any breakup in my outline yet but its getting there! Good luck with the new clinic that pricr sounds good!
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yikes! that is a bit pricey... I had my consultation today and they are charging me 300 a treatment which also seems like a bit of a rip off given that mine is tiny and all black ink. 300 is their minimum but on a tattoo like mine it seems a little absurd. On a positive note they are going to go ahead and zap a couple of scars I have on my stomach from surgery a while ago... I guess that sort of makes the pricing better? I spoke with a nurse instead of the doctor though and I heard he's a lot nicer when it comes to pricing so hopefully I can talk to him about not charging me so much. I can't begin treatment until late May because it was too new to start today and I leave again for school in a week and won't return back home until summertime. I'm nervous about starting my treatment just at the beginning of summer because even though my skin is fair right now it has a tendency to tan extremely well no matter how much sunscreen I smother on it. I guess it'll be a rough summer.... I'll be wearing bandages most of the time and cutting back on too much sun and water activities which really sucks. Honestly, your tattoo has faded a ton for one pico treatment. It is a newer tattoo so we will both have to be extra patient.

Treatment #2 on my knee and the start of removing two others..

Today I had a consultation and treatment done at Dr. Sean Simon's Office in Miami, Florida. I initially went in to have my knee lasered as you all know I HATE it. I showed him the other two tattoos that I dislike (4 star outlines on my neck and "La Vida Bella" script on my stomach. I was super happy that he gave me such a reasonable price for 6 sessions on all three tattoos. I am hoping to see good results before the end of year *fingers crossed*

As far as the treatment, I opted for no numbing and it was quite the sting! But I pulled through without any breaks. However I did notice that this time I am able to walk and am actually sitting at work right now (2 hours after). My first treatment was bad for walking and I was swollen for hours! The woman assistng the Dr. (maybe nurse I should have asked) iced my tattoos about 20 minutes before the laser so this could be why. I'm just hoping I see fading ofc. Guess that's what we all want. Posting before pics now and will update as this thing clears. Now for immune boosting!

*Also I asked RealSelf to change my doctor so I will review Dr. Simon as soon as they allow it*

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Before Treatment #2 on the knee and Before any treatments on the Star and Script!

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Ugh not with it today.. so here are the pictures!


Ideal image boca raton just got the pico
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Hope you are feeling ok after your second treatment (and first for the other tattoos). Do you happen to know if your new dr. had the Boost upgrade? I'm so interested in seeing how/if that makes much of a difference with Pico treatments. It seems you had some really good fading last time around, so hopefully you'll see even better results this time!
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I have my fingers crossed so hard that it hurts ;) - as far as the boost I heard about it last week and I did not ask. I do not think they had it. The Dr. I went to just got his Pico machine in December. Only thing is that this time around I didnt see much frosting, swelling, or blisters. I hope that these things dont matter in regards to the fading process. My 1st treatment I couldn't walk or bend my knee for about 3 days and this time I went straight to work after. Hoping for the best. Yesterday (treatment day) I felt lots of positive vibes and today feeling down again!

1 week & 2 days post 2nd Picosure Treatment on knee, 1st Picosure Treatment on two other tattoos

Last Monday I went to Dr. Simon in Miami for Picosure, so I have changed doctors. I really like him and I am hoping that his optimism was genuine because after the treatment I did not see frosting and my skin healed in 3 days. I did not have any blisters and I was able to walk (which was a good thing) and ride my bike to work on day 3. I have not seen as much fading as I did with the first treatment on my knee and I really think it is due to the low intensity setting. I am hoping since this is the 1st treatment he did on me he was testing it out to see how my skin reacts because it does sure feel like a waste at this point. I had very good fading on the 1st treatment but the price and distance is what detered me from going back. Anyways trying to keep positive even though I hate how my leg looks its awful. I wouldnt mind it so much if it was faded :( going to book session 3 tomorrow. ugh need patience which is hard because I am planning on moving abroad!


BTW My Dr. is getting the Boost upgrade so I will ask him about it when I go for treatment #2. He posted on here that he will be getting it. I tried to ask him but I don't think he responded. He usually responds to people if you want to try and ask him (Dr.Simon - Miami)

Not seeing fading!

I scheduled my 3rd treatment (on knee) and 2nd treatment on other two tattoos for next Friday (5-16-14). I did not see any fading after my recent treatment which is of course a disappointment. However, I haven't felt as down about my body lately as I did at the very beginning of this process. I should have known that the laser wasn't set high enough when I had zero frosting or blisters. I hope that I can see fading and move past this soon. I am even opting for cover up I just HATE this stupid rose! Also I am moving to The Netherlands in September and this is holding me back both mentally and financially when it is supposed to be an exciting adventure! Ugh help please! Get this off of me Dr. Simon! I will keep you all updated after next Friday. Also my bf is visiting from The Netherlands in 40 days so I am hoping I will be healed and not looking horrible and FADING PLEASE! These pictures are 1 month post 2nd treatment on knee. The other two tattoos (1st treatment) had zero fading in my opinion and aren't worth putting a picture up.


Hey, have you noticed any fading at this point?
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1.5 weeks post 3rd treatment - still red and healing.

It has been 1.5 weeks now since the 3rd treatment on my knee and 2nd on two smaller tattoos. I blistered A LOT this time as Dr. increased the setting but I was hoping for blisters! Anyways still not healed and I should and am HOPING that I will see continued fading in the coming weeks. Right now looks pigmentated (white) which is actually amking it look faded.

Won't be having my 4th & 3rd treatments for 8 weeks + since my bf is coming from Holland for 3 weeks on vacation at the end of the month. I also will decide, after he leaves, if I am opting for anymore treatments. This last treatment actually restored my liking for tattoos and I am definitely opting for a cover on my knee. The other two smaller tattoos I do want gone though. After this heals completely in about 2 months I will contact my tattoo artist to discuss if I need to proceed further with another knee treatment or if I can cover up! So ready to be passed this. BTW haven't felt down since my treatment I have had nothing but relieving feelings and have even been walking around town with it looking weirdly white and scabby! #noshame ?


How long does the laser take each session you've been to?
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How long is the session? I would say about 1 minute for my stomach lettering, 30 seconds for my stars (back of neck) and about 5 minutes of PAIN on the knee.
Looking good! Not bad for only 3 treatments :)
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4 months since 3rd tx

Hello I haven't been on RealSelf in quite some time. Mostly due to not being sad about my tattoos anymore. Also I have not had more treatments. My bf came from Holland and left then came back again within a month to help me pack and get ready to move with him (to Holland) so I havent even thought about it. He doesnt mind the tattoos and still finds me beautiful!

Weirdest thing is that I feel the BEST I have ever felt about my body. It could be that I am 25 now and got wiser or that Ive been eating very well (RAW till 4 Vegan - lots of fruits) and my body looks amazing. Also I want to continue tattooing my leg and have seen great coverups on tattoos and my rose is super faded from the bright purple it used to have so I am optimistic. Anyways, in 4 months of absence, I am now seeing so many of you who I followed before and lots of you have great fading or almost done! That was exciting to see. I still dont know if I should go for 1 more treatment before I leave the US on Oct 14th. Dont think it's possible with so much going on plus I dont want my bf to have to see the blistering (he was not in the same country as me for my other treatments and I NEVER showed him on Skype). Anyways to anyone who is down just know you will feel better lucky for me I got over my "I HATE TATTOOS" because a one mistake. I am looking t get work done by some rad artists in Amsterdam!

As a side note: I have gotten so many "I like your tattoo" comments by strangers and they don't even realize how freaky it looks from the laser. Oh well guess it's still cute (=


It's fading so well!!!
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It's looking fantastic! Bye bye purple!
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thats awesome, so glad to hear youre feeling better! Do you think your 4 month break resulted in continued fading or did it stop at a certain point?
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This too did pass!

Hello laser family! As per my last update I am still happy and have completely got over the tattoo mistake! I am a bit anxious at the moment but that is because I will be moving from the USA to The Netherlands in 6 days =O I will continue to update on the forum when I am settled into my new home abroad. My plan is to cover the knee tattoo and continue tattooing my left leg entirely. YEAH I'M CRAZY! I haven't spoken to an artist yet but I think with the amount of fading that has happened I should be good for a cover up - there are some really rad artists in Amsterdam and all around Europe so I am super excited! I would like to get a few tattoos to cover the rose (since initially my dislike was the size) I don't want something bigger. Also I will update on my decision with the other two tattoos (see above). I may travel to London to get more Picosure done on them. Also may consider cutting out the stars on my neck and covering the words on my stomach. Although my BF would not like that as it is his favorite tattoo on me (go figure!)

But anyways here are some pictures of my knee after 3 Picosure treatments.
I have to say that the progress is pretty amazing although it didn't come cheap!

1st treatment: Nov. 2013
2nd treatment: April 2014
3rd treatment: May 2014


Thank you so much for your update, my jaw drops everytime I see how the purple just just disappeared! I am so happy to hear that you have moved on...and how exciting about your move - best of luck!!!  Continue to share photos with us and if you are comfortable we love videos - you can win an iphone 6!!!
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awesome, good to know! Im also going to Europe in 6 days and will be totally stopping treatment for a year, so its nice to see someone going through the same thing and realizing the tattoos not that big of a deal.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I had my 2nd (Picosure) treatment, on my knee tattoo, with Dr. Simon today and it was a a simple consultation and straight to the point. The office was extrememly well kept and clean. All of the staff were very friendly. I was happy that the nurse? that was assisiting the Dr. was also getting a tattoo removed and she seemed very enthusiatic about the Picosure results and my tattoos being removed. I opted for no numbing and it stung quite a bit but icing the tattoos before made it bearable. I also received a great package deal which includes 6 treatments for my knee as well as 6 for my other two tattoos which I have now grown to hate. Overall great office, staff, and doctor. Now just hoping to see these good results!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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