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Maybe it was my particular Dr. - maybe it's the...

Maybe it was my particular Dr. - maybe it's the procedure itself - all I know is I was in tremendous pain for 10 days. I was fortunate to have a double wide lounge chair in the living room because that is where I had to sleep for the first 10 days. I could not stand the pain when I put my face on my bed pillow. The chair allowed me to sleep w/o having to rest my face on anything. The first night at home was hell. My face was wrapped so tightly I was in agony. They make you go back the very next day to have that bandaged removed Although relieved to be out of the vise, the car ride was awful because of the pain. In all my follow up visits I never saw my Dr. again. I saw some sort of tech who handled all the post op care. (oh, and BTW, they bring you in through a back door in a back room so no one in the waiting room can see you).. .now I know why. If I had seen someone who looked like me post procedure when I was there for a consultaion, I would have run and never looked back. You will be black and blue and swollen - there is no way you will be back to your normal life in a few days like they lead you to believe. It's been 3 years and I still have no feeling along the sides of my face. My ear lobes are now attached to the side of my face making it obvious I had work done. All I can say is I feel like I was duped into believing it would be a breeze - thanks to the way they advertised the procedure. It's not true - they are cutting you and sewing you back together. It's far from a breeze. FAR from a breeze.....Just be aware

Postoperative pain and discomfort are part of surgery. I'm sure you were told that. You just needed more hand-holding than you got. Instead of posting your complaints, you should revisit your doctor and be honest with him or her. They'll do what it takes to get you feeling and looking better. Don't be discouraged. Lifestyle Lift has great doctors.
Thank God for the internet, I heard all I needed to hear, its better to grow older gracefully than to have your ears attached to your face. There are too many women complaining about numbness on the sides of their faces, this is caused by permanent nerve damage. Those before and after pictures on the Lifestyle Lift TV Commercial are all computerized, don't believe them because advertisement is used to market an illusion. Barbara Ricci, Publisher of The Westchester News
I was told that a bed wedge or a recliner to sleep in was essential. I could not have slept in a flat position due to the swelling, but with the pain pills I was able to sleep. A lot! I quit using the pain pills after the fist three or four days, and except for the swelling and bruising, was sloooowly able to get back to a normal routine. Downside was, I could not ride my horse for four weeks after the surgery. Yeah, you are far from presentable for a couple of weeks post surgery -- what would you expect? Sorry you're so down on your experience. Mine was much better. Oh, and I wore the pressure bandage for over a week post-op, then for seven weeks at night. Not a problem if you want good results.
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I didn't - he was given to me.

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