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Worth It...have Smile You Like for the REST of Your Life! - Alpharetta

It's alot of maintenance, great for Adults,...

It's alot of maintenance, great for Adults, adds youth..also you can whiten your teeth easy and cheap..only cost of solution. Go for it!!!

Dr. Troy Gibbons

You must keep up with your retainers..big challenge..request more retainers if you are not satisfied at final retainer..no extra cost to dentist. Use dentist practice that is friendly and easy to work with..you will see them ALOT!! I get compliments regularly...took 10 years off of my age.

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beautiful I will call for an appointment for an appointment for both of my kids
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Where in alpharetta? Can I kindly ask for the ortho? I was quoted almost 5,500 in atlanta
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Alpharetta is about 30-40 minutes to the Northeast of Atlanta.

The dentist is listed above as Troy Gibbons. He is not yet active on our site, but you could probably google him and find him easily enough. You can also click the Find a Doctor tab towards the top of the page to find other dentists in your area as well that you can read reviews on.

Hope that helps. :)

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Thanks for sharing your story. How long do you have to wear the retainers after the treatment is finished? Is it just at night?

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