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Alloderm for Breast Surgery

Did not need expander, constant visits, any skin...

Did not need expander, constant visits, any skin or tissue taken from any other part of my body after single, simple mastectomy. Alloderm and implant was used on the inside, my own skin on the outside. So happy to have been the right candidate.

Canada could not do it right, so I had to trael to...

Canada could not do it right, so I had to trael to the States and I am very happy to have been treated by the p[ioneer of that system, in New York: Dr.Andrew Salzberg. why not get the best!!!!

Westchester Plastic Surgeon

Dr, Andrew Salzberg is the best there is. He is also very nice. save your troubles, your feelings, go to see him! You will not be disappoionted.

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Thanks for sharing your story. I'm glad you were able to get the surgery corrected. Any idea why you had such a bad result from Canada?

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The surgery ( the simplest for reconstruction) was still new in Toronto and the young, but sweet doctor was inexperienced. Dr. Salzberg himself has since been in Canada( as he has been all round the world) teaching his technique. With terrible results from Toronto, the recon breast way too big and hard, when it was time to fashion a nipple locally, I grew brave called it off and soon had the perfect breast and nipple thanks to the great surgeon and an equally fabulous anasthesiologist Dr. Kestenbaum at the New York Group for Plastic Surgery in their lovely clinic ( not hospital) in Tarrytown, New York. Life-saving, life-changing, all to the good!
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