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How Long Will It Take for my Front Teeth Get Straight and Stop Overlapping Eachother? - Allison Park, PA

I got braces yesterday and I can barley close my...

I got braces yesterday and I can barley close my mouth, even without braces I had trouble closing my mouth too. I am 18 and very insecure about my teeth, now that I have braces I cannot wait to finally be able to properly close my mouth, I know it'll take 2 years to get them straight, I just want to know around how long it'll take for my front teeth to get straighter and when will they stop overlapping each other, thanks for reading and answering!!!
I see you posted this quite a time ago, have they straightened up, and stopped overlapping each-other yet? :D
I had the same problem you have before I wore braces. My front tooth was overlapping the other two. I cannot remember exactly but I know it moved back into place fairly quickly, maybe 3 to 5 months. I know for sure it was less than 6 months.

she knows what she is talking about, the first part is usually really fast. Think of it like this, the wire is like a memory thing. the only this it is trying to do is go back to its original "U" shape. This will pull all your teeth out fast but it starts to slow when it needs more detail in turning and thats when they bend the wire to turn your tooth. For you it wont slide over into the right spot they pull your teeth apart and then use power chains to pull them together. soo if youre noticing a gap dont worry they have to do that. But it wont be right away so you should be fine. Make sure you wear you rubber bands like seriously not wearing rubber bands will prolong your time of having braces by months maybe even years. They hurt sooo fucking bad but you have to wear them 24/7 if you want to get your braces off soon. And don't miss any appoints that always sucks and prolongs your treatment. I should have my braces off right now if i where to have just wore my rubber bands like i was supposed to. AlWAYS remember PAIN IS GOOD!!! Pain means your teeth are moving and you should be happy! ALSO with rubber bands your teeth move really fast so dont think when they are in the spot you think they are supposed to be you can take it off, NO you must keep wearing them you your gums to heal around it and makes it stay. If that doesnt happen then the whole wait in between your next appointment is added onto your treatment because you have to do the same thing again. Examples, Appointment:1 month and a half apart, Time for braces to come off:2 years. meaning if you dont use those rubber bands correctly, your time will be 2 years and a month and a half. and soo on and soo on. They do not care if your teeth are close being in that spot they will give the same amount of time and its annoying.

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