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I Had my First Session on June 13 2012 - Allentown, PA

Its been 3 days now, and i still have the patches...

its been 3 days now, and i still have the patches on my face from the machine. First day my face was swollen which make the Acne scars disappear.. and today, my scars are back as how they used to be, only surrounded by red marks. I was told the redness will go away in 4 days, so i have one more day to go. My skin feels very dry, as if it is peeling, but it's not. I have been reading the negative reviews about this machine and im very worried. I dont want to have dark pigmentation on my face.. or permanent patches. I hope i made the right decision by going through with this process. My next session is next month, i hope to see more results. P.S: my first session was on C53, which is pretty high. i hope i didnt damage my face with such a frequency.


Give this some time to heal.  Try not to worry and make any decisions just yet.  Your early in the process so hold on.

Please keep us up to date on how you are coming along.

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Today marks 10 days to my first ematrix treatment....

Today marks 10 days to my first ematrix treatment. My face has no more small dots, or brown marks.. it is one tone now and it looks good. As far as the scars go, i dont see any visible difference. Im guessing thats why people need 3 sessions and not just 1. However, my face looks brighter and clearer, even with those scars on it. I'm liking it so far and i hope i see any scar improvement within the next session. Will keep you posted. My second treatment is on the 12th of July.


Hello, my third and final treatment was done yesterday, August 17 2012 .. the practitioner suggested to use a tube the blows cold air on my face while she's doing the treatment to ease the heat and burning sensation.. and it worked!! i felt alot less pain than the first 2 sessions.. this tube, i believe, is from a machine that does laser hair removal..and since both machines were in the same room, she was able to use both on me (the ematrix and the cold air from the laser hair removal machine).

Today, my face is more patched and red than usual, but she told me to expect that .. before doing my 3rd treatment, the practitioner and I noticed that there definitely was some improvement to my scars..so she suggested we do this final treatment and then she'll see me in 4 months to check the results with me.

My second session started off on C 59 and ended on C62 (highest level possible i was told) and my third session was C62 all throughout it .. she only used c59 on my forehead because it's not scarred like my cheeks.

please let me know if you want me to elaborate on anything ive been through so far; ill be glad to help
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dyashou, thanks for sharing. Glad to hear it's working so far for you. No such luck for my mom. She had 5 treatments in almost 8 months and no results. We'll still hoping that time will tell.
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Hello, my second session was on the 12th of July.. 13 days later, my face looks better than how i started off. The scars are still there, but not as deep as they were before. I am sort of happy with what i see as long as it doesn't change back to how it was. The healing time took less after the second session..in around 4 days, the brown skid marks from the tip of the machine disappeared. My next session is on the 9th of August; it should be the final session, unless i get told otherwise. The practitioner told me that the actual results might take 6 months from the first session because the collagen needs time to pump up.. Will post you after the 3rd session. P.S: My second session was on C56..or 60?? im not sure.. ill check when i see them the next time to confirm.
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