All Pain and No Gain! - Oklahoma

I have from time to time used Crest teeth...

I have from time to time used Crest teeth whitening strips and they have whiten my teeth with no pain.  Then I heard Zoom would whiten your teeth several shades and thats what I wanted.  It was a waste of money as it didnt even whiten my teeth as much as the Crest strips and the pain was unreal and lasted 2 days.  My teeth hurt so bad, thats been a few months ago and I still wont even use the whiteing trays the dentist gave me.

I am President of the Council for Cosmsetic Teeth Whitening. We are a trade organization fighting to keep teeth whitening legal outside the dental industry and looking for public support. Our products are self administered, safe, effective and "affordable." The dental industry claim they are concerned for the safety of the public; however, they cannot provide documentation of side effects to support their attack on Spa/Salon and kiosk teeth whitening. This is a competitive issue and not a safey issue. Teeth Whitening is a multi billion dollar industry and should be the choice of the individual, plus it is labeled cosmetic, meaning it can be used without a dentist. If you would like to help support our cause, go to our web site and also and write your comments or contact me. You, the public, should have the choice not to have pain, burned gums, but white teeth at an affordable cost. This issue is causing many to be without jobs. We ask your support. Thanks, Joyce Osborn/President/CCTW (Council for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening).
i was unprepared as others ... for the pain !!! i was told it would make my teeth sensitive for about a week. but that was the least of my complaints. i didnt know what to expect during the procedure and when i protested about the random electric shocks i was experiancing i was told its normal and will subside. after the procedure my lips were swollen from chemical burns and had 3 different chem burns on my gums. my teeth actually stopped hurting within 12-18 hrs (and ibuprophen) however the burns and swelling on my lips are/were my chief complaint. make sure your tech/dds preps you mouth properly because the liquid/gel they put on your teeth is acid !! it burns everything it touches & the light makes it worse. on a better note... i also had very good results as my teeth were about 8 shades lighter. was the pain worth the vainity ? the jury is out on that one.... i wanna see how long it will last.
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