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Unexpected. Not Invisible - Alhambra, CA

I thought it was suppose to be basically invisible...

I thought it was suppose to be basically invisible. It's not! During consultation, I was under the impression that it will be very easy and people won't even notice it. I thought they will be like retainers. But boy was I in for surprise! I ended up with 14 attachments and 4 bottoms. All very visible. I was told my speech impediment will go away. It's been 4 months and it's still hard for me to talk. There are times I wish I got regular braces (which I've had in the pass).


Hey Shanniy! I've just started my Invisalign treatment ( 2nd tray), and my speech impediment is really annoying and kind of frustrating! Did this impediment went away ? And if yes...after how many months? Thanks ;)
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Mine are pretty invisible and my attachments are on my molars and canine teeth. I also feel that my Invisalign make my teeth appear whiter. Maybe it is just me though. A lot of people do not notice mine, but than again my attachments are not in the front of my teeth. What are they doing to your teeth by the way?
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They mentioned "14 attachments" and I had a description of what they would look like but was reassured that they will not be visible. I didn't picture it like this. I don't think people notice it right away. Some do ask if I have retainers on. Do you also have rubberbands? Those bother me the most! I have a total of 21 trays, I'm on my 8th tray right now. Almost half way there! They seem to be working too. So I'm glad all this is worth something :-)
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