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Considering a TT and a but Lift - Alexandria, VA

I have been trying to loose weight for about 2 yrs...

I have been trying to loose weight for about 2 yrs now. I am down to 244, I have the arms and legs of a person that weight 150. I am all stomach.I have no kids tho. I went today to see about a TT in Aug and the told me everything I needed. because of the cost I can only afford two out of the four for now ( TT and but lift) later ill get the inner thigh lift and lipo of back.Should I change the order?

after reading everyone reviews I just wanted to know how long did you wait to go back to work . Is it really 2 weeks? Even if you sit at a desk all day? Also I have no fam or friends or nothing Is this something I will have to hire a nurse for?

Hi. I had TT only because I thought that was all I could handle at one time. Going for medial thigh lift in Sept and hoping for arms/breasts a year after that. My PS won't start surgery if I don't have a caregiver there. I used my younger sister, who is a nurse and agreed to go as I was out of town and had to wait 4-5 days at hotel to travel home. Are there any nursing students or neighbor who would help you? I have a desk job and took 3 wks off work and glad I did. Surgery sort of wipes you out, energywise. Good luck to you.

And I would not advise getting the tummy tuck and butt lift together. You have to lie on your back while recuperating from the TT, and this will be impossible with a butt lift. Check out what doctors have to say about this here.

Lots of women get a TT with back and or flank lipo concurrently.

Hope this helps!


Going back to work in two weeks is tough.  It can be done but you may want to take an extra week if possible.  The first two weeks are the toughest and you do need to go easy for the entire first six weeks post op. 

Each person is different but if you have the opportunity to take three weeks off please do.  Plan for three and if you are ready to go back in two...wonderful!   Better safe than sorry here.  I had originally planned for two weeks and then ended up needing the three. 

Baby steps with the procedures.  It is not such a bad thing having to separate them in two surgeries.  The more you do the harder it is on the body anyway. 

I think it is just great that you are able to do this for yourself.  You deserve it!  Keep us up to date and let us know if you have any questions.


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