Skinny Arms! - Alexandria, VA

I went in with 15" arms and came out an hour...

I went in with 15" arms and came out an hour and a half later with 12.5"!!!! Minimal pain as far as the procedure went it was the after pain that was kinda uncomfortable. I am a month out and my arms are sensitive to the touch still but I believe it was so worth it!

Fast procedure
Instant results
I am happy to put on a tank top

*Have to wear a compression garment 24/7 for 2 weeks (cant really hide it under your business atire)
*Didnt expect to feel soar to the touch a month later

Mine was 2 full sleeves that were connected by a full back piece (just like a jacket) but it had 2 Velcro straps (across my chest and upper belly)...pain in the butt to hide cause it was full slave and it striped across the chest so no v necks or scoop neck shirts and u could see the Velcro under the shirts...I wore my jacket for 2 weeks zipped up

Wow, that's more involved than I expected! It does sound like a pain to keep hidden.


Thanks for posting your story! What are the compression garments like for your arms? Are they just sleeves or is it an upper-body suit?

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