Has Anyone Had Work Done by Kristopher Hamwi.... - Alexandria, VA

I scheduled an appt at American Lipo Center, and...

I scheduled an appt at American Lipo Center, and had my consult with another MD.... Just wondering has anyone had any work done by him, he is fairly young and havent found anything on realself about him.... The doctor work outs of town and they rave about him in the office, but thats their job... Planning on getting just my flanks done since I had a TT a few years ago and my stomach is still pretty flat just really wide....PLEASE HELP
Kristopher Hamwi

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Did you end up seeing Dr. Hamwi?? I am considering having a touch up done by him but couldn't find anything about him!
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

I've had a serach of the site and I don't see any other reviews or comments on this particular doctor. Can the office put you in touch with any former patients, in order to get their experience?

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