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I've never really had to deal with the battle of...

I've never really had to deal with the battle of the muffin top but once I did the struggle became very real. I didn't like the way my clothes looked or fit. I refused to put on a bathing suit. Last year, I finally got into one but it was very uncomfortable. So, after years of debate, I decided I was going to have it done. I went in for consultation on a Tuesday and had the procedure done that Thursday. Dr. S didn't say much about the procedure except that he could get my belly flatter but not flat. Although I was a little discouraged by that, I figured anything would be better than what I'm dealing with and that I could work more off.

The procedure went itself went well but once the pain meds wore off.....WHOA! I tried not to take the narcotic pain meds as prescribed, instead, I alternated between that and extra strength tylenol. Not only was I in pain, the itching was killing me!!!!!

Before and 4 days after

I can def see the difference and getting excited about the possible end results. I've been moving around a lot better but the soreness is there...gotta push through. I go in today for my 1st post-op follow up
What kind of procedure did you have? Pics look like you will be pleased with your final result.
Have you started to see more results? How many pounds if any did you lose?
Are the lower pics your after pics, because you do seem smaller in them to me.  Keep us posted on your healing!
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