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19, College Student, Gappy Teeth - Alexandria, VA

So I've Never felt confident about my teeth, they...

So I've Never felt confident about my teeth, they have always been my biggest insecurity but my parents never really felt like it was important to get me braces. However after YEARS of pleading they finally gave in and here I am lol on my third invisalign tray. In all I will have 15 trays on top and 8 on the bottom. I never grew my right lateral incisor (no clue how that happened) so the goal is to create space for an implant, an I will have a Pontic tooth in my tray starting at tray 10. Anywho I always read about other peoples journeys on here so I figured I'd share mine. I don't really have any good pictures of my teeth before tray 3 so I'll just start from here. So yea here's some pics lol
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You have a beautiful smile! I am considering invisalign for gaps in my 50 year old teeth. Thanks for sharing your story. I pray we both have beautiful teeth to share pictures of in the future.
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Welcome to our club! I have a gap as well, as TwoPlusOne mentioned. You have relatively few trays in your initial treatment so hooray! You'll be finished in no time at all (that is, if you don't go for refinements).
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Hi! As TwoPlusOne stated I too am a member of the gap club lol. I have not started treatment yet but I hope to begin soon. I look forward to following your progress. Everyone is very nice and supportive here. Good luck with your treatment!
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Hello and welcome!!!  I'm happy to hear that you've already found RealSelf to be a good resource :).  Have you met our Gap Club?  HelloInvisalign is the newest just before you :). Then we have NRK0314llatkinson667, MsT850,Fuschia, creativejawn, Primus81, and PreOrtho. PreOrtho is a RealFriend and she's been going the longest :).

I hope you find the time to meet them all (and our other Invisaligners!), and I look forward to following your progress!  Just let me know if you ever need any help with RealSelf!
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Hey! Thanks for the support! I'll be sure to keep you updated!
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