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24 years old mommy of two kids 5 and 2. I was...

24 years old mommy of two kids 5 and 2. I was always small never heavy or overweight had my son and he was 10 pounds he totally stretched out my stomach! After all these years I have have decided to have the surgery. Its something that has botherd me since than. I know I'm thin I just dont feel thin. Hopefully after this I will start feeling better about myself

Good afternoon Alb2011,
I got my surgery on 4/8/11. Just wondering how you feel about it now after 4 months. I have a vacation planned in late July and I hope I am 100% by then. Let me know how your feeling now. Also Who was your doc?

Don't let the out of commission get to you or stress you out. Your husband is fully capable and will enjoy caring for your children. I had the same concern but just came to the realization that it is only a couple of weeks really that you are fully out of commission. After that the kids don't really notice because you are up and around. I am 3 weeks PO and at week 3 am driving my kids to school and grocery shopping. You will do fine.. Just try to clear any negative energy out of your mind. Just imagine the end result, you have to literally think 3-6 mo down the road to the final result, it will be so rewarding..One day at a time..Good Luck to you!!
Thnak you! Price is wrong should be $6,000.00. The closer it is the more anxious I am getting. I defintley have enough help. My husband will be off and taking care of me the 1st week than my mom the 2nd week. I'm starting to feel guilty about being out of comission, I hate the thought of not being able to take care of my kids
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