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I am 34 years old I am happy with my weight and my...

I am 34 years old I am happy with my weight and my skin but I am self conscious of my under eye puffiness, dryness an wrinkles. I finally made an appt to get 4 exilis treatments and a facial. I never heard of this laser until today and I want to know your opinions? I could not find too much info on the internet. Is this the right choice for my concerns or is there better?

I think I see some improvements but the bags are still there.
Last summer i did the exilis laser with a very good doctor...went 4 or 5 times . Got some swelling from the treatment, not enough to consider it really swelling, but enough that you think you've seen "RESULTS"...When i went back this winter to confirm my original impression....sure enough...it lasted two days and then i was back to my normal appearance. Maybe it built collagen, can't tell...as i don't see any results now.....
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