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I'm not one to post pictures but I had to let...

I'm not one to post pictures but I had to let those of you out there looking to have this surgery that my experience was all good. I had been thinking about getting the surgery for some time but I was nervous and wasn't sure if I wanted to take the risk. I live in a city where there aren't a ton of great plastic surgeons and not a lot to choose from. I did months of research and finally decided to have it done. I would have to say the prep work before the surgery was probably the worst part. I'm a busy woman and so many appointments! The actual surgery was simple and didn't hurt at all. The recovery took a little longer than I had expected but nothing too bad. I am 3 weeks recovered and my upper lids look great. I have a little numbness and tightness but the results are exactly what I wanted. Please message me if you have any further questions!
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The doctor I selected is not an eye specialist but he is certified in several things and is highly regarded in the city I reside. He was extremely professional and had a great bedside manner. His staff was amazing and made the entire experience pleasant.

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Which eyelid surgery did you have?  An upper bleph?
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Sounds like your research paid off. How did your friends and family respond to your surgery? Congratulations on your new look!
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I didn't tell my family about the surgery. My parents both think plastic surgery is a bad thing so I chose to keep it quiet. The black and blue marks around my eyes lasted weeks so it was tough to keep it from my husband and kids. They all thought I was nuts to get the procedure done.
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If you felt you needed it and you're happy with your results, I'm glad you did it. Did you use makeup to try and cover up the bruising? Can your husband and kids see a difference from before and after surgery now that it's been a month?
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It's actually been a year since my surgery. The scars are almost gone and the numbness along the crease is almost gone. My husband doesn't pay attention to things like hair changes or facial things. I didn't do it for him so I'm not too concerned about what he thinks. I tried to use makeup to cover the blue marks on my face but you could still see them.
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Yea, my husband doesn't even notice if I get my hair cut! Some men just don't tune into the details we notice as women. ;)
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