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I had several areas done a min of two times some...

I had several areas done a min of two times some areas 3 times. My abd, thighs inner and outer, flanks and arms. I did these treatments over a 4 month period. I was also exercising and watching what I ate. I did loose 4 inches in then abd area, but I believe it was due to working out 3x a week w a trainer and swimming 2x a week. I had a total of 24 treatments which cost $12,000 and I feel like it was money wasted. I was guaranteed that I would have results within 6 weeks, when I had none I was told by the staff this doesn't really start woeking until after 4 months! Well it's been 7 months and still no results! I should have been leary when the doctors office wouldn't give refunds if it didn't work! If you want permanent results you need to have liposuction! This is a very painful rip off. The treatments lasted one hour each and the pinching was excruciating! The doctor told me I would need 3-4 treatments in he abd area but I wasn't about to waste several thousands of dollars again, especially since it didn't work in 3 treatments! I would NEVER recommend this to anyone!


I am so sorry that this procedure did not work for you. I had Coolsculpting in 3 areas and had results in just one of the three areas. I agree with you, if you want fat removed from specific areas liposuction is the only proven procedure. May I ask what Dr.'s office performed the Coolsculpting?
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Sorry to hear about your experience. I had my inner thighs done on 7/23 and upper/lower abs on 7/30. I'm beginning to think I won't see much in the way of results. In reading the reviews it looks like there are very mixed results jut like mixed levels of pain. I spent $2,575 for 4 areas 1x each.
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I never really saw the doctor, she had her assistants do all the work. When I asked them about their training they said they had no formal training, the doc just showed them what to do!

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