Surgery Improve my Self-esteem by 1000% !

I did this surgery beacause I had car accidents...

I did this surgery beacause I had car accidents and with my breasts at a 36D, I am 5'0" tall, the injury was the only way for me to get Any relief.

I recommend this surgery whole-heartedly! Do this surgery for yourself firstly, you'll look better in clothing, and won't be so self-conscience about your body.

I recommend this surgery for Anyone who feels bad about having large breasts, get the more than one consulation and do your homeworkand seek out Board-Certified specialists.

Hello Missbella -- If you could afford it, Go to a Chiropractor, he or she can get your the recommendation you'll need for your insurance company to help pay for your surgery. I was 'one of the women who whore the wrong size of bras' for years because I hated my breast size - somehow the flatter the better... Not a good idea at all. Support, support is the best thing. My size at the time of my 'Consultation' the Dr thought was somewhere around a 40 or 42D. I hated myself (but you can't help what you were born with, right) ? Anyway, after the surgery I was a 36C -that was back in 1990, currrently, I have gained weight but the breasts are still up there!!! They don't sag, and are still I am told. Scars are less agressive, but they wHO IS REALLY SEEING THEM on your outward appearance ???? So make your appointment to the Chiropractor first. That's who I got my surgery.
Hello there, I find my condition and experience similar to yours. Mine's 36D and Im 5'2". I would like to know if I should go for a breast reduction. I dont mean to pry, but to what size did you reduce to? I made an appointment with a physical therapist to show that my back hurts because of the weight of my breasts. Please do advise. Thanks.
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