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Not Worth It - Very Little Result - Alberta

Went for a consultation and was told that because...

Went for a consultation and was told that because my damage was slight and new one treatment should fix what I was concerned about. Had my treatment two weeks ago and everything pretty much still looks exactly the same or slightly worse. I've had more success with Clinique's Dark Spot Remover. I think I'll stick to my creams as this treatment pretty much feels like a wasted $300.

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I like Clinique's Dark Spot Remover. I used it about two years ago on some sun damage and it reduced the look of it by over half. I just have one completely stubborn spot in the middle of my check and am hoping I can find their Derma White though I've seen online that it's often not sold at places in North America. Haven't yet looked in to other brands.
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Yeah, a lot of people complain of no results after one treatment. I like your idea of sticking with creams. It's less expensive and less risky. I'm thinking of trying one of these spot removing creams, so be sure to check back letting us know how that is working out!!!
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What a bummer to not see any results!! I don't blame you for going back to the cream if you could see a difference from that.

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