Big Day Tomorrow!! - Alberta, Canada

Surgery is tomorrow and I'm super nervous. Any...

Surgery is tomorrow and I'm super nervous. Any tips anyone? I've waited 15 years to do this. My two big concerns are being too big and I have a 17 month old son who likes to be carried!

My surgeon is saying 400cc silicone under the muscle, I am 5'7" and 130 lbs. I am really thin on my upper body but curvy on the bottom so I'm hoping he is right. He assures me they won't be too big! I'm looking for a small C.

Any imput would be great ladies!!!

Congrats on making this decision! I'm 5"2 125lbs I got 350 in one and 260 in the other. I was lopsided. You are a lot taller than me, I think the 400 will give you your desired look. At first I thought I was going to be too big. Right after surgery I was very swollen and wore a 34DD! I was really upset because I only wanted to be a C. Well after the swelling went down I'm now a 34D. My friends think I'm about a B/C. So don't panic right after surgery you may appear bigger than you want at first. They also will be very high but will eventually drop. I hope you decide to post pics, and I can't wait to hear about your recovery! Good luck
So exciting!! Just relax and don't even worry about it. You will be in and out of surgery before you could even realize it. :-)
Personally I think the size you have chosen will be perfect. I went with 500cc and can carry my toddler around without any trouble at all. It sounds like on you 400cc will be a C cup of some sort. It will be great, and after you are fully recovered you may even find yourself saying you could have gone bigger. So based on your stats and your goal size I would imagine you will be right where you need to be. Good luck tomorrow!! :-)

Sounds like a good size, though it's hard to tell since we haven't seen or examined you. :) You might want to check out this article about getting breast implants written by RS member Walnut Creek. Hope it helps! Good luck tomorrow. When you're feeling up to it, please give us an update!


Hi everyone... so I am 12 days post op. Thanks...

Hi everyone... so I am 12 days post op. Thanks for everyone's comments. Everything went great, they look awesome. A bit big and very high right now but I know that will change. The one thing I am experiencing is severe shoulder pain for the last 5 days. It kind of goes down my deltoid to my elbow. The DR said it is probably just from the inflammation. Has anyone else experienced this?? Pictures to come :-)
Hey can youpost pics please??? Thinkingof getting implants myself (gummy bear mid/low profilee kind) Iam in Edmonton :)
Sorry its taken so long, I will post pics, I am very happy with them! Mine are moderate profile gummy bear implants.
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My girlfriend does fitness competitions and he was her surgeon as well as many of her friends.

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