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Botox at 29 for Wrinkle Prevention and Beginning of Crows Feet- Def Worth It! - Alberta, Canada

I was getting a little concerned with the...

I was getting a little concerned with the beginning signs of aging so about a year ago I started getting peels, microderm, IPL's, monthly 2 and a half hour facials and wearing sunscreen everyday on my face and neck. Although this all helped how clear my skin but those crows feet that appeared when I smiled just kept getting more noticeable and fine lines were starting to develop because of it.

So I thought my dermatologist would recommend fillers when I went to his office but he instead recommended preventative botox and also a little bit over my eyebrows to give them a little lift. I went home and googled it and heard that it prevents the wrinkles from getting worse and will work much better if you start early. So, I was convinced, I booked my appointment.

The day of the procedure I was terrified... I read people saying that it hurt like hell! But I went in and I barely felt the needle go in... It was about 1/10 the pain of a flu shot. The doctor told me to do exercises for 3 hours after(squint my eyes to distribute the botox)and I should start seeing results in a few days, full results in 7. I done this on Friday, it is now Sunday and I am already thrilled with the results. When I smile I already feel like I look 5 years younger! Although I will continue to get microderm and all of that still I think botox will actually save me money in the longrun because I definitely don't feel I will need it as often.

I recommend this procedure 100% and will continue to go every 6 months like the doctor recommended!


I have used this product for more years than I care to remember. Before my first purchase I used to buy far more expensive products. The cream is easy to apply and is of a nice texture which sinks into your skin. I also use Time Delay Night Cream and the Serum - and was recently asked if I was my mother's grand-daughter. You can't get a better recommendation than that!!
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Hi kristyab,

Welcome to the Botox community. That's great that you have had such a great experience with the procedure. Are you going to continue with the Botox? Please keep us updated.



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