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Depressed - Alberta, AB

I lost over 100lbs and had a thigh lift I didn't...

I lost over 100lbs and had a thigh lift I didn't discuss desired results with my surgeon because he did such a great job on my stomach. He sucked all the fat out of my hips and outer thighs I am so unhappy with the results I find myself comparing myself to other girls im uncomfortable in clothes I have dents where I used to have full curvy smooth hips it looked better before I don't feel like a woman my body has a very manly shape I regret ever doing it I was wondering what the success rate is for fat grafting to hips and outer thighs after botched lipo? Im only 23 and im stuck with these awful thighs im so mad at him
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us.

I'm sorry you haven't had the results you were looking for. Has your surgeon been able to offer any advice or solutions?

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i had my surgery February 2012 I unfortunately have not gone back and discussed this with him because I was so mad about the results. My dad lives in South Korea and is encouraging me to go there to have it fixed
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I know you're upset at him, but maybe you should consider at least a quick meeting with him, even by phone, to explain why you're unhappy and see if he can help correct it? You obviously don't have to go to him for any revision procedures, but since you haven't had any follow-ups, it might be a good idea to speak to him at least once.

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try going back after you've healed to see if you can get it discounted =\ explain you didn't appreciate the lipo of the hips and you're going thru a bit of depression because of it. It may be helpful to go in before your next appointment. Since you're depressed about it, at least you're talking about it. As for the comment below, it was helpful but given you've had lipo I dont think gaining weight to get hips back is an option, I mean it's not like she'd gain weight in the hips alone ya know.
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Well at 23 your body will continue to change as you get older. Remember they don't suck out every fat cell you have so if you gain weight you will notice more fullness. Cosmetic surgery is not an exact science and the skill of your surgeon has a great deal to do with your results. Don't panic. More is not necessarily better. You don't say how long ago you had the lipo so if it was recently don't panic, be patient. Massage may help if had the surgery recently. Good luck my dear.
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