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I am 28. My acne disappears when I tan. I have...

I am 28. My acne disappears when I tan. I have recently quit tanning because of the side effects and decided acne over cancer is better. So I opted for the Blu you treatment.

Step one: steam facial
Step two: topical treatment
Step three: Blu light therapy
Step four: fermentated pumpkin stuff

I have had one treatment so far and now have very prominent pimples on my neck too to?!!! I was told it can take up to 6 treatments for results. I am feeling discouraged, they did take a before picture so I will share after the 6th time. I am going every 2 weeks. Cost is about 40$/time. Treatment takes a total of about 20 minutes.


Did my 6 suggested treatments and stuck out the most complicated painful ZITS in all of my acne history…a grande total of $280 later…my skin was terrible.
It has been a week over due for my suggested follow up treatment and guess what? My skin is already looking better the. When I was doing the Blu U weekly.

My experience: save your money it won't be worth it.
My suggestion: PCA face care line and Elta face sunscreen (the $400 product they pushed on me actually makes my skin even with acne, feel breatheable and fresh).
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Oh my gosh, I can so relate. I use to be a regular tanner and loved it because it kept my skin relatively clear. I stopped about a year or so ago. I'm not going to lie, I miss it, but like you I decided the risks outweighed the benefit.

I haven't heard of the Blu You treatment so I'll be very curious to hear how it works for you.

Have you tried the high frequency treatments that some spas offer with their facials? I'm a huge fan of those treatments and feel it helps keep my breakouts down...the results aren't as good as when I tan, but, well, we both know we shouldn't turn back to that.

Keep me posted how this treatment goes for you!!

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