Panniculectomy - Albany, NY

Pros: Removed some extra skin Cons:...

Pros: Removed some extra skin
Cons: Lopsided

I had the surgery because I had a soft tissue cancer.

I had a soft tissue cancer in my abdominal wall which caused me to have to go through numerous procedures. I had a tumor removal, followed by a mesh removal( due to a staph infection),then a hernia repair, then finally a panniculectomy with a 5 liter seroma removal, I was told when I had the procedure done I would lose the excess skin and tissue. after surgery I noticed that one side stuck out as well as the one hip and that not alot of skin had been removed. When I addressed the issue with my surgeon he said we could correct it later on down the road if it was still the way it was.

So I was scheduled for a post op visit in October, When I went I found out the surgeon that did my surgery had retired and never left the note about fixing my abdomen.I began seeing a new surgery in the same office, He agreed that there were issues with the area and agreed that a panniculectomy revision should be done. With all that said and done I am now waiting because my insurance will not cover it because they say it is not medically necessary. So at this point I am not sure on how I feel about the panniculectomy, and I am confused on how to proceed with this whole process, Do I just wait it out or....


They said it probably wont go away on its own. They are giving me a quote for how much it will cost, because it will be for anesthsia fees, operating room and hospital stay since it is a revision.
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They have just said that the one hip should have been done differently and the right flank has a huge bulge, which isnt a hernia or a seroma. They havent said if it was done correctly or if it could just be revised.
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Is there any chance that the bulge will go away with time or is revision surgery your only option? If your insurance won't pay, do you know what the cost will be?

So I decided to update on what has been going on....

So I decided to update on what has been going on. I am in the process of filing an appeal with the insurance company and have gotten a quote for what it will cost to get it done if insurance does not cover it. So now the waiting beginnings. I will update if anything changes.


i called this afternoon and they said that it should be within the next two weeks so fingers crossed!
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Thanks for the update. Any idea on timescales for the insurance company getting back to you?

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