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It Takes a Team Effort Mentally, Physically &...

It Takes a Team Effort Mentally, Physically & Spiritually. I suffer from Bipolar disorder so I had to deal with panic attacks up to and including the day of and the night after my surgery. I lost a ton of weight. (293-167) I have kept it off with little effort since my surgery 4/01. This is a FLUKE! I am lazy and have no ambition to exercise! I had the surgery to LIVE, but even more important is I had my two daughters, husband and even ex husband as my cheering squad who took round the clock care of me. I am grateful that it has not been hard for me to keep the weight off, but I also can't eat a host of foods. It took me about 3 yrs before I could stomach the smells of a restaurant! It gagged me! I still to this day make the wrong choice once in a while and get sick with a stomach ache! I kinda turned into a compulsive sale shopper which was fun until I started getting the bills in the mail. DO NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE. DO. OT REPLACE FOOD FOR ANOTHER ADDICTION. Most everyone that finds out I had it done poo poos the surgery as the "easy" way out! Bull, it's the hardest decision you will ever make. One is not reversible, I could have DIED. People are generally not sympathetic towards obese individuals! Wow after the surgery I was brought right into the "in" crowd and I abruptly turned around and walked right out. I don't believe a size constitutes friendship or love! I went into this with my eyes wide open and I have not had one day were I wish I did not have it done. But I have never given the green light for anyone else. It is a personal choice. Please just make sure you have a very strong support staff to help you for a few weeks. It can be depressing in the weeks following the surgery and you will need help!! Don't rush the healing process, drink lots of water and walk, walk, walk! Every day you will feel a little less sore!!! Good luck, Stacie


Hello Stacie, it has been a while since you posted asking about the tummy tuck. Did you have it? I actually had one a few years back due to losing 85 lbs on my own and after giving birth 3 times etc....I've since gained all that weight back plus so in May I will be having gastic bypass. I can't wait. Your question about the tummy was a tough surgery, I won't lie. I came home with drains on both sides which I think was the worst part. The scar....goes from hip to hip but goes down very low in front and after several years, it has really faded and not really noticeable. I have to say that even with gaining the weight back, I still have somewhat of a flat stomach and don't regret the procedure.....worth everything you will go through.
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I will have my surgery this coming spring.. I'm nervous as hell..!
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Since obesity is rampant in all the generations of women in my family, it does not surprise me that my daughter is now obese and to make matters worse she is bipolar! Here in the Capitol District, you. Ust lose 10% of you weight, attend classes and see a nutritionist regularly. When the nutritionist "feels" you are ready, you go see the surgeon and have the procedure. She was two pounds shy of losing the weight, saw the surgeon and everything took so long (she's been waiting 3 years now) to get moving she has reverted back to her depressed state and has gained some weight back! Does anyone know of a doctor other than Albany Medical Center in Albany that performs the surgery? She is desperate to,have it done! I know she will be fine afterwards because she has a therapist now. But she feels like she's wasting her time with Albany Med and she's losing any the ability to find anything about herself that she likes! Literally she wears sunglasses so much because she just can't look at herself any more. I am worried about her mental health because three years is too long to try and keep your hopes up that someday you will have the surgery. I don't want her to give up but I fear she is going to. Please let me know if you had your surgery done by a surgeon in the Capital District. PS she's going to be 30 in March.
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Carl Rosati

Dr. Rosati is a trauma surgeon. Although he does not perform gastric bypass anymore, at the time he had never lost a patient or had a patient with any serious problems afterwards. He sat with me and my family and discussed every detail, scary, gorry, and even death in great detail. We had no questions unanswered. After 8 months, I finally made up my mind and had the surgery.

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