Breast Swelling 5-months Later

I had other procedures done at the same time as...

I had other procedures done at the same time as the breast lift/enlargement. Although I'm having issues, I'm still glad I did it as it makes me feel younger and more beautiful at times.

I'm very healthy but this surgery is healing much slower than average - I still have pretty raw scars and tenderness. But, I'm looking forward thinking when it's complete, I'll be pleased.

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Five months after a breast lift/enlargement, within a 2-day time span one breast became larger by about a cup size. Doctor sent me for an ultra-sound but it was clear. I'm now going for an MRI. I'm worried that I'm bleeding and he should go in - he says that's highly unlikely since it's been so long. What else would make me swell so quickly? How concerned should I be if I can't find a place to get an immediate MRI and have to go the weekend without treatment? Thanks for your input.
Any surgery has the risk of hematoma, or bleeding.The cause could be that the small vessels are closed during the surgery and open up due to increased blood pressure afterward and start bleeding. You can also have increased bleeding due to lifting or doing something heavy after the surgery. After the surgery no lifting or heavy work for atleast three weeks.It is rare that you are a have bleeding tenencies. Good luck
Continued swelling after 5 month is of concern. But your Doctor is doing the right thing, ordering an MRI to investigate. See what the MRI shows and get another openion if you want from a Board Certified PS. That should help you and your own PS.
Thank you for the reply. MRI showed a seroma but when it was later opened to drain, it turned out to be a hematoma. I'd really like to know what caused that and how I can prevent it from happening again.
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Because I've seen his work (photos) and he has a good reputation. He's addressing my concerns and I believe, over time, I'll heal and be happy with the results.

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