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I got them, 2 years ago. First 8 months were the...

I got them, 2 years ago. First 8 months were the ego-rush, physical self actualized time of my life. Skinny, well toned whatever-is-appropriate-on-this-site, so much fun and great attention. If you're flat, it brings you from...lets say right now you're a 7... takes you to an 8.4 without make-up to guys.

But who cares 2 years later when your muscular fascia has re-stringed itself to the incorrect anatomical positions. These doctors in this site are lying through their teeth in order to retain the integrity of their chosen profession. Because right now, I'm in perfect health... unless I tell a close friend how much pain I'm in.

But they do look great. I wish I still got incredibly turned on by a lover trying to pleasure my breasts. That used to feel like heaven.

Thanks Plastic Surgery. Can't we just love eachother ?

I'm sorry you had to go through that. In the defense of doctors, there are millions of women who get breast implants and don't deal with pain a couple years down the road.

That said, I love your line of "thinking about your body from a functional aspect". Getting breast implants isn't something to take lightly.

Thanks for sharing!

You might want to check out the breast implant removal community (if that's something you'd consider). They are very supportive in there and many have been through what you have.

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My Dr. was great. I found the most experienced, sensitive, personable, taste-for-the-feminine and steady-handed doctor Its the surgery itself. Think about your body from a functional aspect in considering.

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