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Belotero is Over-hyped and Not for Everyone - Albany, NY

I have full faith in the injector but the product...

I have full faith in the injector but the product not only failed to smooth my upper lip lines but actually exacerbated them. This was one month after the initial Belotero injection. It created weird puffing that created a ridge on either side of the lines that made them deeper. One vertical lip line after Belotero looked more like a scar than a line. I had the product removed and am having Juvederm re-injected. Belotero was a major disappointment for me. It may work for some, and I'm sure it does, but it is by no means the latest and greatest of fillers.


Thanks for sharing on RealSelf.  Sounds like you are happier with juvederm.  Just out of curiosity, why did you switch to belotero?  Just to see if you liked it better?
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I used Restylane for lip augmentation a year or so before switching to Juvederm on the recommendation of my injector, and between the two, Juvederm lasted the longest and gave the most fullness. Still, there were a few vertical lines that it did not seem to address completely particularly one on the upper lip line. Frankly, I succumbed to the glowing reports in beauty magazines about its wondrous properties, and it certainly sounded as if would address these errant lines. It didn't; I had it removed and Juvederm reinjected. May all of our mistakes be so correctable!
At least it was dissolvable and now you know juvederm is the injectable filler for you!  But I'm sorry you had to go through all of that, it sounds frustrating and expensive.
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