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This Was the Best Thing I Have Ever Done for Myself

I have been wearing glasses from the time I was a...

I have been wearing glasses from the time I was a small child. I got to the point where I was living in my extended wear lenses. I also had astigmatism. The Lasik changed my life. Yes I know it sounds dramatic, but It is true. I would have paid anything to get my sight to this.

The procedure was a little freaky, yes & I wish I had been given maybe a valium or something, but I wasnt & it was tolerable. I didnt like the eye thing holding my eye open, it freaked me out a little.... BUT, LASIK IS A GODSEND!!! Thanks to the Dr.'s in Albany NY for changing my life!!!


I don't think saying that LASIK changed your life sounds dramatic at all. I have relatively good vision, but wear contacts to crisp things up that are far away. I'll tell you there are days when I would love to not have to wash my contacts...funny how something so easy can seem like such a pain when you have to do it everyday!!

Hope you are still loving the results!

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the TLC center

MY dr. was VERY nice talked me through the procedure

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