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I got zoomed about a week ago. After reading...

I got zoomed about a week ago. After reading reviews I was afraid it was going to hurt pretty bad and I was nervous. But during the procedure I only experienced one minimal "zing." After the process was over, there were some more zings when I would open my mouth to talk. And those did hurt pretty bad, not awful though. And It only lasted into the evening and that was the end of it.

I wish it was less expensive obviously but if you want whiter teeth, it's worth it. Especially if you could get a deal on it. I'm also using the at home whitening trays and those are helping too. I have before and after picture.

I forgot to add this but I believe that the reason...

I forgot to add this but I believe that the reason I didn't experience a lot of discomfort because I've been using sensodyne for the last two months and I really believe that helped a lot because usually my teeth are very sensitive! So If your worried about it, prepare by using sensodyne or some other sensitivity reducing toothpaste.

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It doesn't matter, the picture that is darker is the whiter teeth one. If the yellower tooth picture was darker, then I'd be suspicious. But you can tell a difference even with the washed out before picture.
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agree with okayok,might not look that much of difference if the color temperatures of those pics are the same.

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The skin tone and color temperatures of the pictures are completely different, this makes me suspicious.
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Hi makaroony,

Welcome to the Zoom community! So glad this worked out so well for you. How long to do you have to wear the at home whitening trays? Will this be something you do again in the future? Your teeth look amazing. Thanks for the pictures. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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