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I completed my invisalign treatment a few months...

I completed my invisalign treatment a few months ago and I am now taking care of my two missing molars. I had root canals on these teeth, lost one about 15 years ago and had a bridge to replace my missing tooth. A few years ago one of the molars holding the bridge became infected and I had another root canal. That lasted a year and I had the tooth pulled and bridge removed. I started Invisalign and my orthodontist said not to do anything until my invisalign was completed. I was so afraid of the implant procedure, and thought about another bridge instead. My dentist and orthodontist said a bridge was possible but because it was replacing two teeth felt like it would cause the anchor teeth problems. Then I would be missing 4 teeth! I already had about $6,000 invested in crowns, failed root canals and the bridge and the thought if doing that again did not make me very happy. Finally decided to do the implants after my dentist assured me I was an ideal candidate, did not need bone grafting.

So today was the day! No pain other than slight discomfort from Novocain shots. It took about 2 hours start to finish and I felt like my dentist was assembling a piece of ikea furniture in my mouth, lol! It's been 4 hours and the Novocain is still there but I can tell it is starting to wear off. We will see about pain after Novocain is gone. I am on antibiotics and Motrin. I hope the Motrin is enough when Novocain is gone!

I'll update more later!

So far so good!

I see my surgeon in two days check the healing of my implants. I had an X-ray done last Friday and according to the assistant it looks like I am healing well! Process was absolutely amazing, almost no pain! If all goes well I should be able to get the crowns in a few months! My ortho had the foresight to make my retainer leaving the last two teeth out so I won't need to get new retainer made! So far I would definitely recommend implants over a bridge!
Gurjit Randhawa, D.D.S.

I absolutely adore this dental office. Great care and concern for the patients and so willing to work with you financially!

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Congratulations, viktoriajv!  Great to hear you're finally moving on to get all of this done, and congratulations for overcoming your fear :).  It's nice that you didn't have to get a graft--I think the healing time will be shorter for you.  Good luck, and happy healing!  I hope the pain is manageable!
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Thank you! I appear to be healing well, hardly any pain! I was expecting a lot more pain but I haven't even needed to take Motrin!
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Amazing!  I wonder if my mom's pain was because of the grafting.
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Could be, I didn't need grafting fortunately! I am seriously amazed that I have no pain! Jaw is a little tender but that us it!
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It's unlikely that pain resulted from grafting. Pain is an indication of damage either from poor placement, or continuing infection due to insufficient cleaning of infected bone or failure to remove dental ligament. In some cases body can reject bio material which is used in some bone grafts (cadaver, horse, cow, coral, etc.) which also leads to infection and inflammation. And lastly, most people are intolerant of titanium and other metal allows that are used in the implants.
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I may have to have a dental implant in front. I'm scared too death. Had your natural tooth had a root canal?
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Sorry about your problems. Root canals are bad news and in most of cases can be avoided. Something similar to what you described happened to me and caused me to learn a lot more about dentistry than I ever cared about. Dental politics and greed of dentists themselves cause an untold amount of harm to patients. You have to self-educate! I hope the implant you got is not metal, but it sounds like it is. If it is at very least insist on metal free crown made out of zirconia (zirconium oxide) or E-Max
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