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I am 45 years old 5'3 135lb to 140 lb I...

I am 45 years old
5'3 135lb to 140 lb
I have a muffin top and I hate it
I scheduled my Tummy Tuck procedure for AUG.1,2011.
I am nervous but excited!!!!

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today is your day sweetie thinking of you!
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Good luck tomorrow!! Will be thinking of you!
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Hello Just for me how are you doing your time is almost here! I am excited for you I am having my procedure 3-1-11....let us know how you are doing
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Thank you! Kimmers25
I am so nervous!!!!
Can you give me any good advice on things to do? Or not to do?

I will take some pictures, soon.
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The nerves are normal but you can do this and will be fine. 

The best advice I can give you is to not fight the healing process after the surgery.  Don't be in a hurry to get back to your normal schedule.  This is a long healing period and the only thing you need to focus on is rest for the first couple of weeks. 

You only get one chance to heal properly so do it right the first few weeks and everything will turn out beautiful.  So many women want to run back to the gym, pick up with their crazy life so fast.

Surround yourself with positive people, make sure to have a good care taker for the first week and eat really healthy.  Good lean protein is what you need for proper healing.  And drink plenty of fluids.  And don't forget the Milk of Magnesia.  You don't want to get all backed up. 

Feel free to email me or post to me anytime with questions. 

I will be watching for your pictures:)

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Only a few more days!  Make sure to take before and after pictures so that you can watch the changes take place.  It's so much fun to compare them side by side. 

We will be thinking about you on the 1st and anxiously waiting for updates.

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