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Didn't Last for Me - Alabama

Had Restylane injections and loved it. It lasted...

Had Restylane injections and loved it. It lasted about 6 months for me. Decided to try Radiesse. Heard it would last 12-18 months. Had 1 syringe with very bad swelling and bruising. Went back 2 weeks later for another syringe for more volume. Less swelling and bruising with the second syringe. Was happy with the results but it was completely gone by 3 months. Will be going back in 2 weeks for Juvederm. My PS doesn't use Restylane. Hoping for more lasting results. Don't recommend Radiesse.


Hi Rhonda, 

I just mentioned to another community member that all the fillers act different. I'm sorry it didn't work and hopefully the Juvederm will, but if not at least you know Restylane does. :) Please keep us updated as to how the Juvederm works. 



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