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I am having breast augmentation March 16, 2011. I...

I am having breast augmentation March 16, 2011. I was very pleased with my consultation but once I got home I have started to have a few questions. I am about 36 B now weighing in at 145 pounds and 5'8''. My doctor explained to me that after child birth my left breast was larger than my right.. he said it was common in all women and explained to me that when he went in he would do his best to match them evenly. He also told me that in order to be a D I would need 600cc. Is this way to big? I would like to be a Small d or medium size d.


I've definitely heard that taller women with wider ribcages need larger implants to be proportioned, but from one keyboard to another, it's impossible to be able to tell what you need. If you're concerned, you might want to schedule a second opinion with another plastic surgeon who can examine you and give you his or her input.

Please keep us posted on how your journey proceeds!

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