Very Satisfied with Accutane - Aiea, HI

As a young adult, I continued to experience...

As a young adult, I continued to experience moderate problems with acne on my face. I tried topical creams and cleansers, but those products either dried my skin out and made it worse, or didn't work at all!

After consulting with my dermatologist, I agreed to start taking Accutane. I endured the horrible side effects from Accutane for about 6 months, and after finishing treatment, my face is practically flawless! I love it!

Yay for flawless skin!! That is so fantastic!! Were you hesitant to begin Accutane at first, or were you just so ready to get rid of your acne that the possible benefits outweighed the possible risks?

Haha, I did know about the risks and pain associated, but I just thought pain = beauty!
Dr. Paul Takeguchi

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