36 Yrs, 2 Kids, Normal Deliveries. Ab, Thigh, Arms Lipo and Breast Lift. Scar Revision. All Procedures Done Neglecting Aesthetic

I wanted to lift my breasts (circum-areolar...

I wanted to lift my breasts (circum-areolar mestopexy) as I did not want scars of anchor/other lift. I got it done, but the doc was so amateur (and I was stupid enought to trust him and not take another opinion.) that he cut the areola without the marker. So it turned out to be very big and and de-shaped, pointing upwards with ugly scarring.


Sorry you don't like your results are you going for a revision any pics
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yes. I did go for the revision for the breast lifts 3 months back. What the previous doctor did was stitches circum-areolar, which needed to be removed after 10 days. He did stitches outside the skin surface. They turned out to be hypertrophic, all around the tear-drop shaped areola. Fortunately, it was possible to revise, because breasts were still not optimally lifted. Due to soluble stitches, this time there is hairline scarring, which is not looking ugly. Areola is also perfectly in round shape. Photos of ab, thigh etc. are there.
Good to hear you happy with the revision. :) btw your pics not showing up at least not on my phone
Dr Bijal Parikh

My life's most traumatic experience, this doctor has gifted me. He did not know probably how to do the surgery and he ruined and de-shaped my body. All areas he has done are de-shaped badly. I am highly embarassed to go out and wear, what I want to wear. Breast lift (circum areolar), ab liposuction (twice and still there is fat in upper ab and dents in lower ab), inner thighs (i did not need them. I went for ab and brest areas. He said you should do the inner thighs, what I wanted was the immediate areas near bikini crease. middle and lower thighs were pretty and ok with a little, natural thigh gap. He oversuctioned middle inner thigh upto the extent that it has no fat between skin and muscle. Right thigh has a very large dent and left thigh has smaller (half size) dent. (see photos) arms done badly leaving upper arm with fat and lower has dent and skin still hanging. Scar revisions in arms and thigh (wrong incisions made for middle thigh. they are clearly visible when wearing short clothing.) made scars look even more prominent. (photos)

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