Dog Ears and Scars After Tummy Tuck

It is the best thing i have ever done well worth...

It is the best thing i have ever done well worth the recovey time and money i feel amazing. after having two kids and haveing alot of excess skin... its all gone now i recommend it to anyone who wants it done its not that painfull.

the only hard thing i found was when i got my drains out and then week by week you feel better.

good luck

i had a tummy tuck three months ago, at the end of my scar it is lifted and sticks out dog ears i think they call it . will that go or do i have to do some kind of procedure again for it?
dr jake

the results are unbeleivable i feel dieffrent

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ive got dog ears after my tt will the ps sort this out its only been 9 weeks yet ? . robinson
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yes it takes up to 6 months for it to all settle.. after that if your still not happy have a talk to you surgon mine has come down alot its looking better week by week good luck
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