After Third Treatment, Excruciatingly Painful and Not Much Results

I had it done at the dermatologists office. First...

I had it done at the dermatologists office. First and second treatments were set at 50 strength and I was numbed for about a half hour to 45 minutes. It was painful but tolerable. People with low pain threshold would not be able to take it. I am usually very tolerant of pain. I was red and swollen up to five days and then was peeling for several weeks. I didn't see much results at all. When I went for the second treatment I was told results would be dramatic after the third treatment. The other day I had third treatment with one hour numbing and setting of machine at 55. It was EXCRUCIATING!! I told them I didn't see much results up to then and was told now that I would see full effect after six months as the skin needs to make new collagen and that takes months. My face now is swollen as it was just a couple of days ago. It is very expensive at over $1200 for face and neck for each treatment. So far I am disappointed. I did it for wrinkles and just to improve texture of skin. If there is improvement, it is extremely subtle. I will report further after a few months. I go back for fourth treatment next month. I hope it is true that there is much improvement after months of building new collagen as it is very expensive.
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with regard to the pain, you might ask them to wrap your face in plastic wrap on top of the numbing ointment while you are numbing. It makes you absorb it better. My depth was 50 too, and I had no pain what-so-ever after 10 passes. But there is another setting (the number of pixels per space?) Mine was 7. And ask for some vicodin, valium and motrin. Lots of people use those as well.
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the Affirm laser is a phenomenal double treatment that yielded amazing results on me! Dr Shino Bay Aguilera a Board Certified Dermatologic Surgeon does the actual treatments on Las Olas Blvd has the newest top of the line machine and is an International trainer on lasers. There was ni pain or downtime and phenomenal results even after the 1 at treatment! I did Fraxel. This is 10X BETTER! 2 treatments ( laser beams) in one 15 minute pass! I LOVE IT! Deep skin tightening and simultaneous. Micro fractional skin rejuvenation! Best treatment. I ever had ( and I have tried everything!)
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That sounds great! How much was it? How many treatments did you need?
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