After Chin Implant, Now It Looks Like I Have Double Chin

I got a chin implant done about 2 months ago...

I got a chin implant done about 2 months ago (along with liposuction), and when I smile it looks like I have a double chin (you can see where my old chin ends and where the new one ends). My doctor says that it takes a while for my skin to grow over the implant and that is the reason. Is this true? How long does it take to fully recover?

Updated on Aug 12, 2009
pros- better side profile cons- chin implant either too big or in wrong position. it doesnt look right when i smile. i did it bc i had a recessive chin and long deviated nose. at the same time, also got a nose job.

I got a silicone chin implant march 2009. Since then, when I smile, it looks like i have a double chin. If i dont smile, the chin looks fine. Im not sure if the doctor put in too big of an implant or if he put it in the wrong position..what should i do? should i get it removed? please help i am not happy about it!
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Chin implants are all about placement. In the average chin, the lower edge on the implant is lined up with the lower edge of the mandible and is fixated there with sutures so that there is no possibility of displacement. When done correctly, the edge of the old chin is not only invisible but cannot even be palpated. If the chin looks good at rest, the size is probably right.
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