After 7 Sessions, No Results.....still Optimistic

I signed up to have two areas, my inner and outer...

I signed up to have two areas, my inner and outer thighs, done at Fig. in Scottsdale, AZ. I am 5'9", weigh about 140, exercise at least 5 times per week and eat healthfully. I have no medical problems, allergies, etc. Of course, I was told that I was an ideal candidate and should expect excellent results within 6 treatments. I did experience pain and swelling (the first treatment was the worst; I actually fainted, but each treatment has been better since then). I would say 2 days of severe pain and swelling and mild after that time. I usually still feel puffy 2 weeks after treatment. I definitely feel the nodules that other posters have referred to as well. Not a pleasant experience by any means, but I could FOR SURE handle this level of pain and discomfort for the results I was promised. Anyway, I've had 7 treatments and need to finish 2 more to even be eligible for a refund. I've lost negligible size on each thigh. After doing some extra research online, I've waited longer in between the last couple treatments and have requested a higher dosage, hoping that my results will improve. When I expressed my frustration after the 6th, the nurse (?) told me to spend more time massaging and increase my water intake. I am really trying to stay optimistic.....$4K would be a small price to pay if I DO experience the results I was promised. However, reading these posts has made me really nervous about pursuing a refund if the current results hold. I do have to say, one odd thing I've noticed is that my belly seems to have gained fat since I've started. My stomach has always been FLAT and now I have a little pooch. If anything, I've been exercising more and haven't gained any weight. It may be paranoia, but I can't help but wonder if this procedure messed my body up somehow...? So, I can't recommend this procedure based on my experience so far, but have heard wonderful success stories along with the horror stories I've found here.
The Fig. Spas are closing around here. People have lost alot of money. They just locked their doors and walked away. We are having alot of trouble with Lipodissolve here in Georgia. Please see my pictures and description of my problem as a result from my second treatment on January 10, 2008.
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