After 15+ Yrs., my Silicone Implants Are Asymetrical

I feel much better I was very flat I had...

  1. I feel much better
  2. I was very flat
  3. I had an excellent plastic surgeon.  There are no scars. None at all. They were inserted around the areola.  I am concerned they do not feel the same.  One is very hard; probably encapsulated and the other is very soft and pliable.


yes, 15 years ago, at least. My Dr. retired and have not found a new one yet.
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$2500 but this was 15 yrs ago right?
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Hi there, I would like to ask you few questions. who was your doctor and how much was the cost of the surgery in total. I saw the $2500 but I wasn't quite sure. please answer my questions I need your help. thanks
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Name not provided

The pain was minimal and no scars.

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