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Hello Beautiful Ladies..... On September 19th I...

Hello Beautiful Ladies..... On September 19th I will be having a mini tummy tuck with lipo to my sides and the Brazilian Butt Lift. SUPER EXCITED. I have had four C-Section, I work out 6 days a week weights and cardio but nothing I do seems to tackle that lower pouch. I don't have any noticeable stretch marks and my pouch is not bad but its bad enough to make me feel self conscious when I take off my cloths its like really you work out NOT!!!!!! My butt its not flat its nice an round and lifted(my sister calls it a work out butt) but I want a Donk not a big O DONK just a juicy one. I'm really excite but scared an nervous all at the same any suggestions you ladies have would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to know of any extra supplies besides the doctor required ones you might suggest that will get me through recovery. Im so glad I ran across the site all you ladies look awesome and your post have helped me get over most of my fears.... Thank an have a great day\night!!!!
oh wow!!! good luck with that hey..I totally recommend the tummy tuck. I am 10 post op and am feeling great. I also think that because you are so fit the healing process is a lot faster. Only thing I will tell you is listen to your body and be patient, if your tired sleep, don't fight it, your body needs to heal. Good luck and keep us posted. x

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Hi Ladies I'm so excited about my surgery as well as addicted to this site!! You ladies are great an look AMAZING!!! Hoping to get the same great results as you beauties I have most of my post op necessities and will be getting the rest this weekend. I have my pre op apt on Monday the 9th.... Yeah!!!!!!! I will post some before pictures in the AM. I'm 39 years old I have had four C-sections and my scare is really low after looking at it today I'm kinda worried it might be to low. Will see on Monday...Since I had my consultation I have gained 20 pounds(yuck I"m only 5" 1' at 175 does not look good at all) so I could have more to fat to add to my butt. Any advice from you ladies I would greatly appreciate. I'm also curious as to how will I sleep if I cant lie on my butt from the BBL or my tummy or sides from the tuck an lipo!!!!! Have a great night ladies
I hope your surgery is going well . Good luck !
wishing you the best of luck with your surgery
Thanks fitnfun87. Hope your still feeling great, hoping I feel good too at 10 days post op . Thanks for the advice on the sleep which I believe will be my greatest challenge do to I work grave yards and run my own boutique in the day.
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