12 areas!

I'm going in tomorrow and next day for 12...

I'm going in tomorrow and next day for 12 treatments!! Anybody hear of, or have experience with that?

I'm 46, on the recovery side of the menapause hill and have had 3 kiddos (2 in my mid 30s). I'm 5'3" and weigh 128-135 and until about 6 months ago when I changed jobs, was able to work out 5 days/week. Once I stopped working out, I started getting flabby really quick. Plus it was a ridiculous winter here in PA and I think I gained 47 pounds per snow day.

My doc said there are some good results on a current study that combines coolsculpting with exercise, as the metabolism seems to speed up a bit following the procedure so exercise is a little extra beneficial. I'm going to try to fit some exercise in 3 days/week to see if the combo will help give me the results I'm hoping for.

I'll do some before/after pix and update all, but my immediate question is, has anybody else had experience with doing so many areas? This is all upper/lower abs, love handles and back, although I'm going to also try to do inner thighs.
I did 8 areas and had excellent results.
I wouldn't do that many areas at one time. Too much trauma on the body and you also want to be sure that the procedure works.
I have had a total of 11 treatments--4 in 1 day. I don't think it's a great idea to do so many at once, as your lymphatic system has to flush the fat out. I have a feeling that is way too much to ask of your body. It sounds to me like they are in a big hurry for your $$$, please rethink this. Have you lost all the weight you intend to & worked out as hard as possible to lose your excess fat?
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