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Deviated Septum - Adelaide, SA

I am 30 years old and have always absolutely hated...

I am 30 years old and have always absolutely hated my nose.. I have a deviated septum which also makes my whole nose twisted (see photo). I avoid photos at all costs unless I am on my 'good side' :( I have been looking into having rhinoplasty/septoplasty for a few years now though the fear of pain scares the crap out of me which as stopped me from proceeding further. I would love to hear from anyone in my situation that has had successful rhinoplasty who is similar to me and also any info on surgeons in Adelaide, SA. Thank you!


Thanks for starting your story with us here on RealSelf! I had a severely deviated septum as well and had no pain after surgery. More of a stuffy discomfort and sleeping was tough. Some people do have pain and headaches, but I don't think it's unbearable. Plus they have good drugs now. :)

Choose your surgeon carefully. Here's a list of questions to ask at your consultations. Please keep us posted!

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Hi there - I hope you find the surgeon you trust. Please update us.
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Hi zooster.. Thank you! I will :)
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