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Hi everyone, After weeks of research I have...

Hi everyone,

After weeks of research I have narrowed my choice down to two surgeons now: Professor David David and Dr Peter Sylaidis..... however REALLY struggling to decide between the two and wondered if anyone on here could recommend either of them? Should I have a consultation with both?Thanks.


hi! Can I ask which doctor you ended up choosing?
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Hey how did you go with the consult? I'm in adelaide too and wanting rhinoplasty but have only just started looking into it.. there aren't many Adelaide reviews at all which makes it very hard. I have heard good things about Dr sylaidis also and am thinking about asking for a GP referral for him. My friend hadher nose done by Dr David David years ago after a car accident but she isn't happy with her nose and what he did.. I have also heard people mention Dr Moore but I am sceptical as the price seems too good to be true. So basically. . Any help would be greatly appreciated :) thanks x
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Consultation with Dr Sylaidis on Thursday, got GP referral today.
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