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The Girl with the Big Nose - Adelaide, Australia

I hated my nose from a young age, knowing it was...

I hated my nose from a young age, knowing it was always too big for my face. It got to the stage where I was embarrassed to meet new people, have job interviews etc. I would never allow anyone to take a photo of the side of my face, and if anyone snuck one in I'd get upset for days, as it was a reminder of how awful my nose looked. I got teased about my nose throughout my life - I was the 'girl with the big nose', kate ' nose all' etc etc. At 24, the I saw I photo of me laughing from the side. I cracked it and decided to book an appointment to see if I could get my nose done.

The initial appointment was terrifying, but the surgeon confirmed my worries, even though my mum was there trying to convince him otherwise! I tentatively booked in surgery for a couple of months time.

During this time, I spoke about it with friends and family and knew it was now or never - I wouldn't be covered by health insurance after 25!

I got my surgery done 4 days ago - I can't see what it looks like yet as it is still bandaged up, however the recovery process is better than what I had expected. I have no pain, it is just uncomfortable.

Please ask me any questions you may have if you're considering rhinoplasty!


Katie, I'm thinking of doing it also, are you unhappy with the results? I think $4k is pretty cheap, so do u think that played a part in him not making it as small as you want ? I'm so confused over who to go and see !
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It would have been $5,000 if it werent for the medical reason. I think they can only do so much with the nose you have got! It is getting smaller as the swelling goes down, I am happy with the front now.
one month later.. still really big :(
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